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One moment in time can turn your world upside down.

The right person can alter the course of life.

And sometimes the first leads you to the second.

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The Story

Montana Grace Jensen spent her childhood trapped in the dark world of human trafficking. Rescued at twelve, she waded through deep emotional trauma to find her inner healing. Embracing new life and now in her 20s, Montana’s heart brought her back into the world of human trafficking, this time with a passion for helping others escape the horrors she endured.


Greg Blakely, an innocent and promising young actor, comes face to face with the darker side of Hollywood. A side few know about, and even fewer survive unscathed. In his journey for survival, 
Greg shines a light on the sinister underbelly of society, those who are supposed to protect us, and the unimaginable connection between Hollywood and Washington D.C..


Old wounds reopen as Montana takes on Greg’s case and discovers new truths about her past. Facing the darkness once again, she wonders if the truth really sets you free.



“Elizabeth Bradshaw not only informs her audience of a burgeoning evil in our day, but somehow manages to entertain through a methodically woven narrative of intrigue—including not just the crimes, betrayal, and pain to be expected, but budding romance, familial love, forgiveness, and redemption. She writes with a passion for justice and thoughtful consideration from every angle.   


Montana Grace will leave you a little stirred, yet perhaps, a little less ignorant of the prevalent danger threatening our children in places you’d least expect.”

Laura Smith, Author, Franklin, TN


The Author

Born in Indiana, Elizabeth Bradshaw moved to Wyoming at age three where she spent her formative years. At eight, she fell in love with the art of story telling and began penning stories and bringing life to her characters.

She attended a small college in Kansas to continue pursuing her two loves, soccer and writing. She studied Journalism and received a Bachelor of Science in Journalism. During this time in her life, she experienced the greatest love she's ever known when she met and accepted Jesus.


Soon after graduation, she felt led to Nashville, Tennessee. As a twenty-two-year-old single woman fresh out of college, she left her western life behind, crossed the mighty Mississippi, and began a new adventure. Currently, she lives in Franklin, Tennessee, with her husband of twenty-four years and their six fantastic children.

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